George Orwell and His Magic Penguin, Drawings by Blair Gauntt Book


Expanded Edition - More Cartoons Added!
102 pages
Published by Obsolete! Press

Blair Gauntt has pried open the top of his head and craziness has spilled out in the form of a new book of cartoons called George Orwell and His Magic Penguin.

The cartoons are wildly imaginative depictions of recognizable characters way, way out of their normal context. “ I love literary and historical figures and decided to draw them in ways they have never been seen before,” Gauntt said.

"Clever, literate and graphically accomplished.”

-Bill Griffith, creator of Zippy the Pinhead

“Blair Gauntt is an amazing virtuoso talent who harvests the culture voraciously. The line between ‘Art’ and illustration is blurred here. Also–and certainly not the least of all–Blair has a sense of humor similar to my own. I’m not sure if that works to his advantage or not.”

-Skip Williamson, Underground Comix Legend

"Artist/writer Blair Gauntt is the acclaimed master of hilarious pop culture juxtaposition, and you'll find out why in "George Orwell and his Magic Penguin"! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll thank God you have eyes when viewing his humorous wild take on everything from Charles Nelson Reilly to beehive hairdo's to Allen Ginsberg! The perfect book collection for insightful, intelligent, worldly and well read individuals who like a good poop joke every once in awhile!"

- Mitch (The World's Best Artist) O'Connel

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